Vitamin Drips – The Secret to Wellbeing

Give your body a boost when you need it most with personalised IV formulations that are scientifically proven to deliver. Male or female, young or old, short or tall, active lifestyle or chained to a desk, everyone is unique and so are their nutrient requirements. After a consultation with one of our doctors, a specially prescribed intravenous drip containing a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidants will be administered while you relax with a pressed juice or herbal infusion.

You will then be asked to fill in a questionnaire about your health and well-being, which we will use to prescribe a bespoke blend of vitamins and nutrients in the form of an IV Infusion or an Intramuscular shot. The treatment will be performed in our modern, well equipped clinic, by a fully trained doctor while you relax as the valuable nutrients are gently administered. Discomfort is minimal and you can go about your day as normal directly after the treatment with a spring in your step.

Immune Booster Vitamin Drip £260

Helps to boost your immune system

Athlete Sport Vitamin Drip £275

For optimal athletic performance

Mood Support Vitamin Drip £280

Relax body and mind, improves sleep quality and lowers stress levels

Detox Fat Burning Vitamin Drip £260

Helps you look your best

Hair Tonic Vitamin Drip £300

Keratin rich formula for healthy, glossy, fuller hair

Energiser Vitamin Drip £200

A much needed energy boost

The Myers Vitamin Drip £180

The original vitamin cocktail, high in B complex vitamins

Performance Booster Vitamin Drip £260

For improved physical and mental performance

B12 Booster Shot £35

Multiple benefits in a quick booster shot

IV Antioxidant Shot £50

The superhero of antioxidants

Detox Fat Burning Shot £40

Help in reaching your body goals