Tear Trough Treatment

The Tear Trough Treatment at Covent Garden Aesthetic Clinic is a truly life changing therapy for many patients.The natural ageing process and simple genetics can make the under eye area deeper, wider and darker in appearance. This can often make people look over tired and significantly less youthful. In some patients this area can appear puffy and swollen.

Our team of expert doctors and clinical nurses are top of their field in the expert application of Dermal Fillers to give a soft and natural correction to the Tear Trough area itself, reducing the size and dark appearance. There may also be other treatments recommended to aid the overall appearance, by strengthening the upper cheek to give better support to the area and skin tightening. 

  • - Younger, fresher and healthier looking eye area.

- Reduced wrinkles and signs of ageing.

  • - Improved tone and firmness.

​Tear Trough Treatment