After her Silhouette Soft Procedure. It is now said that Gillian Taylforth looks years younger than her on-screen son!


EastEnders Star: Gillian Taylforth before her Silhouette Soft Procedure.


WHAt is SILHOUETTE SOFT® Threadlift?

SILHOUETTE SOFT® is a technological innovation offering a redefined face, restored volume and reduced wrinkles - by means of a 30-minute treatment with Dr. Pamela Benito. The wonderful results lasts up to 18 months!

SILHOUETTE SOFT® is the only product on the beauty market enabling two joint actions:
• A lift effect as soon as SILHOUETTE SOFT® is applied - for an immediate and discreet result! 
• A regenerative effect, for progressive and natural results!

How Does SILHOUETTE SOFT® Threadlift Work?

The technology of SILHOUETTE SOFT® sutures is based on 6 years of experience in suture suspension with cones used in cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery (called SILHOUETTE LIFT®).

To date, SILHOUETTE LIFT® sutures are the only suspension sutures to have received approval from the FDA (since 2006).

Since early 2007, the specific, unique characteristics of SILHOUETTE LIFT® have demonstrated their suitability for cosmetic surgery, in terms of both safety and effectiveness.

The most respected surgeons in facial plastic surgery have praised their special design and the excellent results obtained in centro-facial lifting.

Who Can Receive SILHOUETTE SOFT® Threadlift?

SILHOUETTE SOFT® is recommended for men and women of 30 and over who wish to effectively combat the signs of ageing, but who do not want heavy and invasive treatment. These are people who are looking for real and natural results.

SILHOUETTE SOFT® treatment is suitable for all skin types.Testing for allergic reactions proved negative in clinical studies.

Please note - the use of SILHOUETTE SOFT® is not recommended if you are allergic or sensitive to bio-materials.

How Do I Prepare For My SILHOUETTE SOFT® Threadlift TREATMENT?

No special preparation is required prior to Silhouette Soft® treatment. However, we recommend that you discuss your expectations and ask Dr Pamela Benito any questions you have before starting treatment. Please inform Dr. Pamela Benito of any treatment you have already received and any medicines you are currently taking.


SILHOUETTE SOFT® Threadlift Prices:

£1999.00 Full Face and Neck
£1999.00 Décolletage